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Method for Manufacturing a Membrane Filter.





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       Cession of rights to acquisition of a national patent in PCT system States according to the PCT application # PCT/RU2011/000637 (WO 2012/039645) filed 24.08.2011 with priority 10.09.2010



The invention relates to microstructure technologies and is applicable in nanotechnologies, medicine, chemistry, molecular biology, optics.

The membrane filter is produced by exposing a polymer film in hydrogen atmosphere

to synchrotron radiation in the wavelength range 5-100nm which is structured with a multibeam grating-type interference lithography system.

The technical result is the membrane filter with porosity up to 0.6, with ordered arrangement of pores of the same size (from 1nm and more), or round , or elliptical in cross-section and conical in longitudinal section of pores.

Additional technical results are capabilities to produce the membrane filter from a film under 100 nm thickness from or polymer, or inorganic material, including metals, reinforced with either silicon, or metal microporous structures, by proposed method in combination with elements of microelectronic and LIGA technologies.

An additional technical result can also consist in forming, by means of the proposed method, a nanoporous ordered structure of an implant surface having a high value for successful integration thereof in connective or bone tissue.

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Adviser: Sergey Kuzmin